Do You Know About California’s CARE Court?

According to a report by the California Health Care Foundation, approximately 1.5 million Californians are suffering from untreated mental health and substance use disorders. This staggering number highlights the urgent need for increased access to affordable and quality mental healthcare services in the state. Addressing this issue is crucial to ensure the well-being and productivity of individuals, as well as the overall health of communities in California.

Governor Newsom’s new plan aims to address the homelessness crisis in California by providing necessary support to individuals in crisis, including housing, treatment, and care. The plan recognizes that many individuals on the streets suffer from untreated mental health and substance use disorders, and aims to provide them with the necessary resources to stabilize their lives. By focusing on holistic solutions and investing in mental healthcare, this plan has the potential to make a significant impact in getting Californians off the streets and into a path of recovery and stability.

What is California’s CARE Court?

It’s a Community Assistance, Recovery and Empowerment (CARE) Court is the new plan to help Californians in crisis off the streets, it connects a person struggling with untreated mental illness – and often also substance use challenges – with a court-ordered Care Plan for up to 24 months. Each plan is managed by a care team in the community and can include clinically prescribed, individualized interventions with several supportive services, medication, and a housing plan. The client-centered approach also includes a public defender and supporter to help make self-directed care decisions in addition to their full clinical team

California’s CARE Court program is a significant step towards helping Californians in crisis who are suffering from untreated mental health and substance use disorders. The program aims to divert individuals away from jails and into community-based treatment and support services. By providing specialized and coordinated care, the CARE Court program offers a more compassionate and effective approach to addressing the underlying issues leading to criminal behavior. This innovative initiative not only benefits individuals by getting them the help they need, but also has the potential to reduce recidivism rates and improve public safety by breaking the cycle of untreated mental health and substance use disorders.

To learn more about California’s Care Court, you can download the information here. This resource will provide you with further details and insights on the topic.