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Our primary goal is to motivate our clients to a new state of mind & to develop a clear change going forward once they graduate from Baja Rehab. Therapy is offered for continued care weekly so that the client may still work one on one with the therapist that they already feel comfortable.

We also involve the family in this process so that the source of the problem can be healed from the inside out. We direct clients to aftercare and wellness programs prior to returning home; as we do work with many outpatients, extended programs, and sober living homes in San Diego and Baja areas. Furthermore, we also offer more time at Baja Rehab if the client, their families, and therapist feel that it is necessary.

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Baja Rehab's 3 to 6 month program breaks down into a series of weekly sessions at a low monthly cost.

3 to 6 Month program