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Baja Rehab is a premium drug and alcohol treatment center established just South of the San Diego border, in Rosarito, Mexico. One of a kind, we base our 12-step influenced program on sober camaraderie, mental health care, shared stories, families, personal experiences, healthy relationships & thrilling activities that introduce a new way of living.

We provide patients with a comfortable, high-end full medical detox and dual diagnosis treatment center. Many patients struggle with a mental disorder as well as a drug and alcohol problem. More often than not, these conditions occur together frequently. Thereafter, detoxification, psychiatry, and therapy will be key alongside our calm, fun, top-of-the-line, intensive 3-6 month AA/NA based lockdown residential premium treatment program.

Lockdown is the most incredible opportunity that Baja Rehab has to legally offer patients and their families. For anybody who is serious about making a commitment to their personal recovery, it is an intimate and life-changing decision. Unfortunately, it is also a decision that some cannot and will not make for themselves. The family now has this opportunity, and the right, to make the decision on that person’s behalf. What a miracle it is, to get your loved one help and save them from possible overdose or death instead of standing by to watch them kill themselves.

Lockdown Rehab in Mexico. We strive to create a peaceful and joyous space at a great price.

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We take pride in giving the family the option to hold the responsibility. When you check the patient in, you will be the only one allowed to check them out. Many individuals are not ready to stop; some want to stop, but won’t because they are physically dependent on the substance, unwilling, or not in the right state of mind to make decisions. The lockdown process puts an immediate halt on the addicted individual’s choice to keep using when they are not well enough to make good choices for themselves anymore.

This unique approach along with affordable high-end clinical care, separates us from American institutions. Unfortunately, laws in the United States don’t allow for lockdown of the patient. The patient is allowed to leave at will and runs the risk of relapse when their brain isn’t fully healed yet. Post acute withdrawal is still taking place in the first 30-60 days of sobriety and the tolerance level is gone therefore causing a higher percentage of overdose death rates. The longer the sobriety and emotional time to recover the higher the chance of recovery and continued sobriety.

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