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You Are Not Alone

Families go through just as much stress as clients.

As the addict/alcoholic becomes sick in their addiction, symptoms become obvious; not going to work, lying, weight loss, isolation, etc. The family members have symptoms as well; change in plans, isolation, embarrassment, lying to other family members and friends, afraid of making commitments where there is no accountability on the other person’s behalf.

There are issues that need to be faced; resentment, mistrust, loss, crime, and family members who have tried everything to help their loved one with no result or even families that have intensified or enabled the problem. The client also has the weight and pressure of letting them down, and this can be overbearing.

The list goes on and on. It affects everybody.

The client will need a safe and non-enabling environment and or support system to return to. But, will the client be providing the family with a safe and trusting return?

After the patient enters our high-end facility, it will take a load off the mind, knowing that their loved one is safe and getting help. We’ve designed a unique premium program to work with families side-by-side with the patient and on their own to develop secure changes.

We know that once the client is freed from the dependency on substances, the family or personal relationships become, once again, very important to their long-term sobriety. Furthermore, we are here to identify the issues and offer help in aftercare therapy with the patient and their families to reconnect and maintain the relationship. Relapse prevention and aftercare options with exit plans are very serious and unique to each individual. This is our primary focus.

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