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Exercise, Gym & Nutrition

Baja Rehab promotes physical fitness and wellness activities. These are professionally guided workout sessions; a mix of yoga, physical fitness, HIIT stamina workouts, volleyball, basketball and outdoor hikes. We also allow clients access to our rooftop gym. A morning with routine fitness gets the blood flowing and the brain working! Breakfast comes after; we want our clients moving, active, and feeling good for the day in their new healthy lifestyle; not the feeling of sluggishness, but the true physical feeling of change!

Other promoted activities include our very own premium rec center volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball, ping pong, soccer, horseshoes, and handball.

Our Nutritionist will be on-site to work one-on-one with any client that requests individual assessment ranging from their health needs and maintenance including things like food portioning and diet.

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Baja Rehab's 3 to 6 month program breaks down into a series of weekly sessions at a low monthly cost.

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