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Baja Rehabs’ 3 to 6-month program breaks down into a series of weekly sessions at a low monthly cost. All weekly sessions are vital to finding solutions & creating a direct pathway to recovery. We do not recommend early release, as this program is set up with a strict plan from intake to exit. Continued care at Baja Rehab, in more severe cases, is an option if the client, psychologist, and/or family feels it is necessary prior to entering aftercare.

Everyone is different, everyone moves at a different pace, and the reality is, that some patients need more time. This high-end program is meant to appeal to clients who may be nervous to enter rehab or afraid to seek help abroad; which is why we condensed our high-end program into a structured & affordable 8 weeks. Believe us when we say, “It flies by.” Our commitment to our clients will ultimately be, to help them find passion in life changes & fulfillment while rebuilding relationships in continued sobriety. We will always recommend what we feel is necessary for the client’s continued care.

We take pride in being able to offer high-quality & efficient inpatient rehabilitation care based in Puerto Nuevo, Baja California for a fraction of the cost of a similar US-based program, you read more about it in our “The Cost of Rehabilitation in The US” Blog post.

Program & Prices

Baja Rehab is a cash pay program that identifies all major debit/credit cards. Insurance is not accepted.

1st Week

  • Detoxification and eliminating withdrawal symptoms
    • Hospitals & institution speaker sessions
    • Ted talks about relative videos
    • Inspiring messages
    • Massage therapy upon request

2nd & 3rd Week

  • Extensive psychiatric & psychological evaluations based on 
    • 15 figure bender tests to gage possible brain damage & psychotic symptoms
    • HTP descriptive breakdowns
    • Machover tests involving 500 question breakdown of personality traits
    • Raven IQ testing
    • All tests to be used to determine ongoing medications
  • A daily comprehensive scheduled routine for the fully detoxed patient
    • Daily group therapies 
    • Daily group counseling
    • AA/NA daily speakers meeting  
    • Weekly private therapy sessions
    • Weekly private counseling sessions
    • Skill & hobby transformative activities
      • Art therapy
      • Music therapy
      • Gardening therapy
      • Speech & social therapies
      • Field trip activities 
  • Personal nutritionist guide to determine health and food habits in accordance with patients daily needs to be associated with medication and medical monitoring
  • Determination of energetic capabilities, personal skills, and positive traits identified so that we can reinforce strengths in the patient and incorporate the things they love to do in their daily routine
  • Routine calls & zoom sessions with allowed family or proprietor 
  • As the body becomes well, we encourage exercise daily to build strength, health, endurance, and positive endorphins in the mind
    • Yoga
    • Krav Maga
    • High Energy Fitness 

4th & 5th Week

  • Scheduled daily routine in full effect and on rotation
  • Family care & personal relations
  • Field trip options incorporated
    • Beach volleyball, beach exercise & meditation sessions
    • Meditative hikes
    • Equine therapies & horse volunteer
    • Fishing
    • Surfing
    • Outside AA/NA meetings
    • Volunteer house building for people in need.
  • Cosmetology & wellness additional options
    • Hair cuts & hair care
    • Nails
    • Massage
  • Risk factors
  • What makes the patient use…
  • Mid-term evaluation
  • Continued private counseling and therapy sessions
  • Continued AA/NA structure

6th & 7th Week

  • Scheduled daily routine in full effect and on rotation
  • Teaching cognitive model
  • Behaviors 
  • Cravings
  • Thought patterns using thought diaries 
  • The root of thought patterns
  • Life beliefs & turning negatives into positives

8th Week

  • Scheduled daily routine in full effect and on rotation
  • Social factors
  • Functionality in personal relationships
  • Craving management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Life Plan
  • End term evaluation
  • Exit plan
  • Aftercare options
  • AA/NA & sober life reunite

The full 3-6 months will conclude treatment and set patients up for sobriety success as well as solutions for families and loved ones involved.