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Start Your Journey

Here at Baja Rehab, we understand that the start of your journey to sobriety can be intimidating. All intakes for new clients are done at our High-end facility and conducted by our medical director.

If you are coming from out of the country, arriving by air, or driving, you have options. We will meet you in Tijuana or at our facility and get the client here safely!

Due to the nature of this disease, we are available 24 hours a day to provide transportation to our facility for the intake process. Because all situations are different, we will need to talk to the family member or the prospective client prior to entry so that we can arrange a tentative treatment plan, including detox medication.

We understand this can feel overwhelming, which is why we try to plan ahead the best we can to make sure that our intake client is comfortable! Call us.

What are the steps for getting into treatment?

If you are unsure where, to begin with, addiction treatment, you are in the right place. These are the steps to expect for admissions into an American Addiction Center (AAC) treatment facility. But if for whatever reason an American Addiction Centers facility is not a fit for you, your Admissions Navigator will provide you additional resources to help you find treatment elsewhere.

Step 1

Please read through the entire website to find loads of information about our program.

Step 2

Please write down any additional questions you may have regarding your unique situation before calling to ensure we cover all questions and concerns regarding you or your loved one.

Step 3

Call and speak to one of our intake specialists to check availability and to get specific questions answered. The intake specialist will assist you in either scheduling an intervention performed by our staff or scheduling an intake date. Every situation is different so we will need detailed information regarding medical history, history of mental illness, the substance used, etc.

We have many unique methods to get your loved one into treatment safely. If you would like to visit our facility before making a decision, feel free to ask to schedule a tour. We are an open book.

Please just ask and we will invite you to the facility prior to you making your decision.