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Medical Services

Our medical director and 24-hour nursing staff oversee all detoxification and supervise medication throughout the client’s 2 monthly stays.

While a person’s brain might feel ready and willing to focus on sobriety and healing, that person’s body might still be under the influence of drugs. Until the brain and the body are in sync, recovery will be very difficult to accomplish, which is why our medical high-end detox program is designed to help.

The client will have time to rid themselves of any remaining influence of drugs or alcohol to focus on recovery and return to a sober, healthier life. This work is done in a safe, secure, and supervised environment. We have a separate Luxurious Villa, where we house our detoxing clients in their own private beds. Nursing stations are only feet away, where nurses are hands-on and frequently monitor patients, so we can keep people safe & comfortable throughout withdrawal; in fact, our Doctor will be able to manage a range of withdrawal severities, depending on the substance(s) being used and the level of substance dependence.

The Doctor will make that call in which hospitalization may be needed, however, in most cases, we have full medical monitoring to stabilize the patient. Ongoing High-end medical treatment is provided throughout the client’s stay for further detox, psychiatric, nutritional, and health maintenance.

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