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In order to give you a generalized idea, currently, our patients wake up at 6:30 a.m. They do an exercise routine, and then just after that, we conduct a morning meditation group with coffee and tea discussing the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ideas of each individual. Thereafter, breakfast, cleaning routine, shower and get ready for a day filled with groups! Cognitive behavioral therapy, processing groups, relapse prevention groups, and creative therapy groups performed by our psychologist and counselors in variations until about 3:30 with lunch in between. We follow that with afternoon sports, gym, homework time and downtime. We finish up with dinner at 6pm and close the evening with an AA/NA meeting; Bonfire meetings, outside meetings, ocean room meetings, zoom meetings and special guest speaker meetings are done in variation. Thereafter, clients have a late night snack, some TV time and bedtime! Weekends consist of a lot more free time and specifically Sundays, we take our clients to do outside activities; patients will enjoy getting out of Baja Rehab campus for the afternoon to enjoy zip lining, go-carts, horseback riding, beach time, hiking, swimming, movies, volunteering, restaurants and all kinds of activities depending on what season and weather allows.

Different activities are going to depend on the patient and if the clinical team feels they are ready to participate so the client does not pose a flight risk. Either way, we have guards and counselors on duty that will be there to ensure outside activities are kept safe.

The goal is to help clients build camaraderie and a new routine in sobriety with the hopes that once the client leaves, they will have new tools to take with them. We help our clients with aftercare and adjust them safely back into their community with a new outlook and sober approach.