Moving Forward

Group Counseling

We have developed Baja Rehab and a unique staff over the course of the last year and I’m so happy to finally share about opening in the upcoming months. Anybody that knows me personally, knows about my struggle with alcoholism and the ongoing battle I had with sobriety.

I have experienced multiple car accidents, 3 DUIs, dysfunctional & abusive relationships, criminal relationships, medical detoxes, interventions, rehabs, overdoses, and a plethora of shady things. It can get so dark. I thought I’d seen it all, but it continually got worse. This disease is progressive. I’ve lost a lot of friends both dead and alive. Friends dead, especially that I developed in 12-step programs, rehabs, and sober living homes; death, unfortunately, stopped surprising me, and I knew I wouldn’t have much longer either. That, and being sick of myself propelled me to make a change. The change was not possible without action. The action was not possible without developing a genuine passion for what I was doing. This was not an easy task for me. I tried many methods, and medications, half-assed it with sponsors, and “willed” things away for many years to justify & convince myself I was just a little better than really sick people. It turned out I was a really sick person; and, without my story, I would not be able to offer my services to others. So for that, I am grateful.

In sobriety, I’ve continued to lose people I love to this disease and it has made the decision to start a rehab even more personal amongst me and my partners.

If my story sounds familiar to you, I truly encourage you not to give up. It’s life or death.

My change started at a lockdown facility in Mexico, where I was truly forced to look at myself. I currently have a life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

– Jess