Providing Advantages, Benefits & Testimonies 

We don’t just help people get clean and sober at Baja Rehab; it’s a fact that the patient will get clean and sober at Baja Rehab. In the meantime, we work with them to strategize long-term sobriety and aftercare.

Baja Rehab has economical pricing on high-end care, especially when compared to anywhere in the United States. The prices are simply unbeatable.

The relative and or designated signer is legally allowed to take guardianship over their loved one after crossing the border and arriving at our facility; and YES, we are legally allowed to hold a patient to their stay upon their arrival and throughout our 12-step program. The family (specifically the signer) will constantly be involved in the choice of when their loved one will graduate treatment throughout the entire process, alongside our doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, and clinical director.

We provide exceptional recovery-based solutions. Our partner clinic has been successfully run for years and has helped in the creation of Baja Rehab with a team of leaders supporting the info structure of every detail of operations. All employees, many of who have transferred from our partner clinic, will be working directly with our patients and have had years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol treatment as well as personal recovery and testimonials on overcoming addiction. These are true stories from people who live to tell what it’s like to have healthy sober lives while helping others in recovery!