Premium Rehab Option in Mexico

#1 Reason Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Mexico Have a Higher Recovery Rate

Chances are you or someone you love is struggling with addiction. Perhaps you or your loved one have been to numerous treatments that have failed. Most likely the treatment failed not because the center didn’t have the proper staff or pertinent information, it failed because the rights of the person seeking treatment were too lenient. That is the exact reason many US citizens are seeking treatment abroad.

In most cultures, like the US, drug and alcohol addiction is considered a mental illness. In almost every other country the rights of a person suffering from a mental illness, upon a physician’s diagnosis, are given to the family because the sufferer is not of sound mind. In the US a suffering drug addict or alcoholic can not be forced to go to treatment even if the family believes he or she is slowly committing suicide or exhibiting risky behavior. If the family or friends of the sufferer are able to convince him or her that they need to go, the sufferer will still have the right to leave treatment AMA (against medical advice). Because recovering from a substance requires abstinence from the substance of choice, leaving the decision of discharge up to the patient is a practice that is not effective because most times, the time it takes to develop the internal change necessary for long-term recovery takes a more long-term approach.

Mexican laws are much more helpful for drug addicts and alcoholics seeking recovery. In Mexico, the family of the sufferer is in control of treatment meaning the facilities are locked. The patient is not allowed to leave and the treatment center deals directly with the family regarding the treatment plan and length of stay. Most families who are connected to an active alcoholic or drug addict understand the sleepless nights, wondering if their loved one will be ok or if they will get the dreaded phone call that they are dead. It is a very harsh reality for families. Many families will plan a fake vacation or a trip to visit a friend when in reality, they are signing their loved one into a long-term treatment center. The laws in Mexico apply, when a foreigner is tricked into treatment and the cases followed prove it effective, the foreigner is in the hands of the family and treatment center. This method of forced treatment may seem brutal but allowing a person with a mental disorder to continue to make personal life-threatening decisions is cruel in itself. It is better to have a sick family member alive and upset with a guaranteed gap in substance abuse than the alternative.

Nearshore Top Of The Line Drug Rehab Facility: A Baja Detox Retreat Right Across The Border

Although there are several options close to the US border, Baja rehab is an American ran, fully English, and bilingual-speaking drug and Alcohol treatment center in Mexico. We have all of the amenities that you would find in a US-based program and are just 45 minutes south of San Diego. It is owned and operated by two US Citizens who worked tirelessly to create a one-of-a-kind facility. Baja Rehab is set on 2 acres with breathtaking ocean views in Rosarito.

As they say, you get what you pay for, and in Mexico honestly, you get much more, contact us for any information.