Steps to Get An Emergency Conservatorship California

According to California law, a relative can obtain emergency conservatorship of a loved one if they meet the factual basis required by the California Probate Code.

You have to keep in mind that conservatorship is only appropriate for a person who is unable to manage their daily affairs due to a serious illness such as dementia or a critical medical condition such as a stroke.

There are three types of conservatorships:

  • General Conservatorship: allows a person to have complete control over the conservatee’s person or finances.
  • Limited Conservatorship: allow the conservatee to have control over their finances but not necessarily their medical health
  • Lanterman, Petris, Short Conservatorship: involves an involuntary civil commitment to a mental institution.

Steps to Get an Emergency Conservatorship in California

The proposed conservator must meet the following requirements:

  • Must show that emergency conditions exist.
  • Will be harmed if the court waits to discuss the matter during a regular guardianship hearing.
  • Has duly notified all interested parties.
  • Can provide for the proposed ward.

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