The Only English Speaking Treatment Center In Mexico

Baja Rehab Exterior

Baja Rehab’s US founders’ vision was from the beginning to create a luxury drug & alcohol addiction recovery alternative to treat most patients from the USA but without having to use many of the failing policy-mandated practices US facilities are forced to implement.

Because the US is the main market, everything at Baja Rehab has been carefully set up to cater to the US. From its native English-speaking and fully bilingual staff to its location just a few minutes from the San Diego Border.

If you or a loved one are looking for a better alternative to be free from drugs or alcohol than what the US has to offer but still require the same high-quality standards, total safety, and the convenience of being almost in the US, just a few minutes from the San Diego airport, Baja Rehab is the clear choice when it comes to a treatment center in Mexico for “gringos” like you 🙂

Our staff is fully trained and 100% ready to communicate with you in your own language. Now with Baja Rehab, it is finally possible to get higher-quality treatment in Mexico with no language or distance barriers. Not to mention, an oceanfront luxury facility that won’t break the bank. We will be ready when you or your loved one arrives!