What Makes Baja Rehab Unique as a Solitary Facility?

Baja Rehab Team

Our unique drug and alcohol treatment center accepts patients that are looking to get sober at will as we intertwine a lockdown approach for patients who are not. What this means is…

In the case that the patient is not interested in helping themselves; and may be on the verge of jail, overdose, or death, the direct family member of the loved one can check them in beyond the untreated individual’s jurisdiction. This “tough-love” approach is saving the lives of many people incapable of making sound decisions for themselves while they are intoxicated or in a drug-induced state of mind.

Mexico legally takes recognition of this matter by letting the direct family member of the patient become the conservator of the patient’s check-in and check-out at Baja Rehab, as well as many other lockdown facilities and government-funded programs in Mexico.

Because we are high-end, our program is the opposite of whatever idea you may have of the word “lockdown.” We offer a comfortable medical detox, dual diagnosis, psychiatry, psychology, counseling, and an exceptional 12-step program that benefits the patient’s long-term sobriety alongside 25-30 co-ed patients going through the same process; all of this on a beautiful 2-acre Hacienda overlooking the ocean on the Baja Coast in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico. All of our private villas have a harmonious Spanish style with private spaces, living rooms with TVs and lounges, game and reading rooms as well as many physical activities; we promote a full basketball court, volleyball court, ping-pong tables, horseshoes, yoga, and high-intensity fitness as well as soccer, football, horseback riding, fishing, and surfing.

So, although people may be placed in our care, it doesn’t mean they are forced to any type of boring or undesirable stay. We have many outings, (beaches, hikes, and adventurous field trips) all the while, the facility itself is a very fun and serene place to be. We have simple rules and regulations, so we maintain respectful conduct in and throughout the facility, however, the hacienda is a place to heal; a place that the patient will look back on one day as an uplifting change in their life. A place to make new friends in sobriety and feel comfortable learning about themselves.

The commitment to our program is two months with the option to extend. Families can remove the patient at whatever point they feel necessary. But they are not in this alone. They will have advice from the patient’s psychologist and medical director as they work with families one on one throughout the process. The guardian can also extend the program if they feel that the patient needs more time.

In the states, a patient always has the right to leave a facility at will. Many times, the patient leaves too early in the recovery process, in which overdose death rates occur at a more frequent pace.

We do encourage clients that want to admit themselves to our program to get sober. These clients can still have a family as a legal representative, or if they are admitting themselves to the program and they are the ones paying out of their own pocket, they are welcome to check themselves in and check themselves out whenever they would like; however, they are subject to pay for the entirety of the two-month program upfront and we do hold their payment if they choose to leave early. This is because we hold a standard to the length of sobriety time people have when departing Baja Rehab. We feel as though if people check out prior to two months that it is not enough time to make a change for long-term sobriety success and the chances for relapse are statistically higher. We would like the odds in our favor to set people up for success and hold to our reputation.

Although our facility is beautiful and fun with all the bells and whistles; our main goal is to provide exceptional recovery. At Baja Rehab, this will be an emotional and deep-rooted approach, which is what we do best!