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Affordable High-End Treatment

Our goal is to get people sober at prices that appeal to people who may or may not have insurance. It’s hard to jump into a program quickly, without money, time & planning. If the addict and their families don’t need all three, they usually need one, and it halts the whole process. The decision goes right out the window and the sufferer goes back to dysfunction, inevitably.

In most occasions, there’s just no time to plan and the addict needs medical monitoring immediately. Not hospitals and spit-outs; real medical attention by doctors who deal with detox monitoring as their primary position. It’s so important because, the reality is, people, do die this way without proper attention.

It’s also hard to find something aesthetically pleasing, something with all the bells and whistles that remains affordable. So many people give up on that part altogether, waiting around on a list to get free services in government-funded programs, which can take months. They are totally overwhelmed with overflow.

Baja Rehab was created to have the quality of a high-end insurance-funded facility, but at affordable prices, and we can offer that because it’s in Mexico. Only a half-hour across the border.

This was my issue/situation when I chose to go to rehab in Mexico. I didn’t have time or the money to mess around and think about it, and if I waited for something low-income based in America, I would’ve changed my mind about going. I went scared, thinking it was going to be like a death camp or something, but at that moment, I didn’t care because I already felt like death. (I was detoxing) And once I woke up, to my surprise, it wasn’t.

It was a beautifully structured facility overlooking the ocean and the program they offered became very personal to me. I took appreciation from the program more so than the American program because of the methods they were allowed to use without the restrictions and requirements of insurance companies. If it takes a beach for people to sit on to recover, fine, they can have their beach, sit on a beautiful beach in a place more cost-efficient. More importantly, the client is offered a genuine program and the relapse prevention needed that helps them stay sober.

We are really happy to be able to bring this option to people that don’t know about it and keep it bilingual. How many people do you know that didn’t get help because they didn’t have the money? Or got help and walked out after a week of detox thinking they had it all figured out because they felt better physically, then relapsed immediately? Our program is a little different in that you make a commitment and we hold you to it. Families have peace in this. The patient makes a conscious decision one time without the stress of walking out and possibly killing themselves. And in that time period, the client lives sober just long enough to start making mind changes, while we work one on one with them and their families to find the source that kept the patient going back time and time again.

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