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Our treatment center in Mexico is located near the border in Rosarito, Baja California

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Near the Border

A 45 minute drive from the San Diego border.


Affordable Prices

With better prices than rehab centers in USA.


Oceanfront Solution

Lovely view of the ocean pacific. Feel the breeze.


Fun Activities

Many outdoor activities to enjoy with great weather.

Exceptional Treatment Center in Mexico

Baja Rehab drug and alcohol treatment center is established in Rosarito, Baja California, just South of the San Diego border.

Our treatment center in Mexico is about introducing a new way of living. Based on our 12-step influenced program on sober camaraderie, mental health care, shared stories, families, personal experiences, healthy relationships & thrilling activities.

Our goal is to get to the source of the problem that intensifies the reaction. In addition to providing breathtaking views on a comfortable 2-acre hacienda in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico, we strive to create genuine and personal relations with our patients and their families so that maintaining a new sober way of life can be achieved, and what better way than doing rehab in Mexico!.

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Expert Rehab Treatment

We provide patients with a full medical detox and dual diagnosis. Detoxification, psychiatry and therapy will be key alongside our calm, fun, intensive AA/NA based lockdown residential treatment program.

Care at Baja Rehab is personalized and focused. Founders Adam Lincoln, Jessica Shrader and Ricardo Vega have implemented a personal and therapeutic processes while achieving activities they have modeled based on years of recovery at the best treatment centers in the U.S.

The result is clinical treatment of addiction that rivals the best centers in the world at a fraction of the cost. For that reason, we are a preferred destination for people who know someone that needs help, or who have experienced a relapse, so they can get their life back in an inexpensive program of recovery.

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